How B.R. International Turns Students Into Avid Readers

How B.R. International Turns Students Into Avid Readers

For students, reading must not just be limited to the chapters in the textbooks. Reading is one best tool to expose the mind to new ideas and develop new ways of thinking. It not only helps the student upgrade his or knowledge but also improves the understanding of the language. Given all the benefits of reading, B.R. International Public School is on a constant endeavor to foster our student’s as ardent readers with a lifelong habit of learning and hence been counted in the Top 10 School of Kurukshetra.

Developing a good habit of reading is the very desirable thing to do during the school years. At B.R. International, which is one of the best Schools in Haryana, we have found multiple ways to inculcate this habit amongst our students.

We have a very well-stocked school library which caters to various needs of the students. The library has a large number books, periodicals, and magazines covering a vast spectrum of subjects. Students can pick up a book of their choice, or get one issued. This also helps them develop their own individualistic taste in reading, which drives them further into the ocean of knowledge.

The school also organizes regular reading workshops and group reading sessions, where they get to exercise their brains and discover its hidden potential.

Even in day to day activities of the school, our teachers constantly encourage the students to read about new and interesting subjects. Newspaper reading is also encouraged amongst the students.

B.R. International Public School has always believed in seeding good habits amongst the students in such a way that it appears fun and seamless. We are glad that this approach has worked wonders for our students, as has been the case with the reading habit. Of course, good habits learned in school years don’t leave you any day, and go a long way guiding your life towards new heights. As a school, we are glad that we have been able to achieve that for our students. Maybe that’s the reason that we are constantly regarded as the best amongst the CBSE schools in Kurukshetra.

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