The Skill of Assessing Lies in True Observation


The Skill of Assessing Lies in True Observation

Assessments are critical to the educational process, without them teachers would never know when to move onto the next object on how to help students understand concepts better.

Assessment is an important element of learning because it’s the process of evaluating, rating a student’s progress. Learning is a continuous and ongoing activity that demands a periodical analysis. It is a perfect method to figure out the level of information a student has absorbed.

BR International Public School has earned a reputation of being listed under Top Kuruksheta Schools because their strong visions and beliefs. They are determined to build each and every student in a unique way. The first step in this direction is to instruct the students towards a goal or by assigning something specific. A skilled teacher is someone who is highly observant. Assessing a student requires gathering information regarding the growth a child, for example by assigning group activities from time to time helps the teacher make better analysis.

It is significantly important to understand how some students need additional support and a different technique or approach for improved learning.

Therefore, assessing a child’s performance through gathered information can be quite helpful. Every student performs differently when it comes to academics, sports or extra curricular activities and accordingly they are rated. All the collective data of performance helps the teacher in determining the overall growth.

BR International Public school is ranked a one of the best school in Kurukshetra, aiming for the development of each and every student. The teachers make all the expected effort in order to guide all the children towards achieving something extraordinary. The environment is so impressive that the parents have to worry the least.

“The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.”

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