The school proved academics excellence not only in board results but also in other competitive exams like NTSE, NSTSE, Science Olympiads, Maths Olympiads and All India school Scholarship exams etc. Very high quality teaching is assured in B.R International Public School right from the Nursery standard itself. Teachers invariably use multimedia facilities like CD ROM and Audio Visual Laboratory to convey better idea about the subjects to the students. For practical teaching learning students are taken to different places to teach them in real practical situations for examples – the topic of Traffic & Road Safety is not taught inside the class room but on road near traffic lights, the topic of farming is taught on the farm house of a village and room. Due emphasis is given on the command over English language by developing the skills of speaking and listening along with reading and writing. To make children speak English fluently and confidently, the school uses audiocassettes and learning tools. Students are provided with an opportunity to construct models and create charts from what they learn.


In the case of higher classes, a bit more serious approach is maintained. Debates, group discussions and project works are conducted to create better awareness about the subjects among the students. From class 4th onward specially for 8th class special coaching is given to prepare students for competition exams like NTSE, NSTSE and Olympiad etc . Also special intensive training is given to such students who score low marks on examination. Special laboratories are setup for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


As IT is the buzzword of today’s world, the school tries level best to keep up with the times by initiating IT training. Computer education starts in this school from the first standard onwards. The school has Internet facility and teachers guide students through World Wide Web.


Classes are conducted by well-qualified and efficient faculty. The classrooms are spacious and specially designed furniture is provided in each classroom. Strength of a class is stipulated to just 25 students. This helps teachers to concentrate more on each student. Students are admitted after an entrance test.