Spread the Wings of Creativity

Spread the Wings of Creativity

A creative mind will always struggle to explore if it is confined to the four walls of the room. Outdoor education is as important as indoor education as our brains automatically go on a shutdown mode when we follow the same routine every day. The monotony of an everyday life makes us inactive and laziness becomes constant.

Kids have a tendency to learn more by experiencing and the more they are out there in the wilderness the more they’d be able to breathe creativity and feel the freedom to create by experiencing it on their own. The best school in Kurukshetra believes in providing the best environment inside and outside the classrooms. They understand the fact that an environment brings productive changes in a child’s brain.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun” A kid must step outside the restricted boundaries in order to make his own errors and his own discoveries.

Parents try really hard to hold and control their kids but they often forget that by stopping a child from doing something simply makes him more curious about the same thing.

However, if we allow them to do things and be a part of it ourselves it will be a place full activity and they as well learn something other than restrictions. Rules are important but they also need to be flexible, so that there some room for creative air.

BR International School is one of the top Kurukshetra schools. Moreover, it allows it’s students to be out there absorbing creative ideas and even though they are being supervised by the teachers, they don’t feel being caged or restricted too much.

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