B.R International Public School, Kurukshetra was founded in 2003 with the aim of providing an international standard of education. Now it is affiliated to CBSE having classes Pre-Nursery to 10+2.


The school is up to 10+2 having wide range of subjects in the streams of medical, Non-medical, Commerce and Arts. The ideally situated campus in the pollution free environment is spread over 14 acres of lush green land having sprawling lawns and multicoloured flower beds. These provide fascinating and congenial atmosphere for study and learning.


The school has developed ultra – modern air conditioned Nursery wing full of toys and learning kits. Other class rooms are also airy and well-lit, equipped with the facilities of International Standard. Well – equipped computer lab, Science lab, Maths lab, A.V. Room, Language lab, Library and Activity lab are set up to fulfill the need of innovative and creative learning opportunities. The practical approach teaches children to think critically and creatively.


Learning is investigative and creative and children is given every opportunity, to develop academically, physically and artistically with a sense of respect and strong set of values.


Working closely with the parents, we is ensure that every child receives the support and encouragement, needed to be a happy, confident and motivated learner. All children are encouraged to set goals, strive hard and believe in their own ability.


We offer Primary, Secondary, and Senior Secondary school education. Ours is an independent school. Its aims are:


  1. To provide a resource, to parents who want an international exposure for their children
  2. To develop and encourage creativity and exploration in all areas of the curriculum.
  3. To encourage the children to strive for excellence by celebrating quality work and contributions to school life.
  4. To encourage children, to take responsibility for their own learning, through asking questions and finding answers, setting of goals and self testing and assessment.
  5. To develop, a sense of personal and social responsibility.
  6. To develop, a sense of appreciation, respect and practice of moral and spiritual values.
  7. To provide a resource, to parents who want an international education, for their children.
  8. And above all to make each student the precious jewel that he is created for.

How we Care

  1. All faculty are experienced pre-primary and primary educationists with extensive international experience
  2. Each child receives an unparalleled level of attentive and nurturing care, within small class sizes that follow international standards
  3. B.R International Public School offers NCERT curriculum in English medium with due emphasis on mother tongue and other regional languages. The international facilities provided here certainly transform each child’s potential into achievements.
  4. Tradition and Custom-designed cultural activities enriches the child’s values
  5. Internationally recognized and endorsed programmes and environment
  6. Flexible timings and extensive support for working parents
  7. Holiday workshop programmes
  8. Continuous in-service training programmes for faculty
  9. Open-door policy, i.e. students and their parents suggestions and complaints are always welcomed with a positive attitude to improve further.

What we Offer

Caring and Qualified Staff


The whole faculty is recruited on the basis of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Morover all members of staff participate in continuous in-service training by international trainers, eminent intellectuals, psychologists and professionals. The teaching & Non-teaching staff is well trained in pediatric first-aid, emergency management and the most important is how to care the child with feeling that he/she is my child.


Child Friendly Environment


The child friendly and practical learning approach is the hall mark of B.R. International Public School. Inside class and Out side class area are appropriately designed and suitably equipped for inquisitive minds to learn independently. On the whole safe and stimulating learning environment which automatically leads to harmonious growth of a child is provided.


Established Rules and Policies


B.R International Public School’s policies comply with the need to maintain international standards of health, safety and hygiene. The guidelines are published at the beginning of each academic year and are subject to change from time to time, as the need arises.


A Complete Schedule of Activities


B.R International Public School’s daily flow follows the rhythm of childhood™, allowing time for learning, play, quiet time, individual activities, group activities, meals, physical games, creative expression, free play and sleeping.




B.R International Public School’s objective with regard to behavior is to help children develop discipline, self-control and respect; for themselves, for others and for the environment. Age appropriate strategies are used – distraction, role-play, circle time, storytelling, puppetry – whilst working in partnership with peer groups, faculty and parents.

Our Mission

Education has been undergoing a sea of change over the decades. In the past it was considered as a tool for getting a job. Today, it is not just a mean for achieving a suitable job. Every parent wants his/her child to grow into a perfect gentleman from a shy or a noisy child after completing education. It is an undisputable fact that educated gets high status in the society irrespective of their financial position. The corollary is also true. However financially sound you are, you will never get due recognition if you don’t have proper education.


Education is a sort of oxygen for prestigious social living. But most of the schools do not consider these facts while teaching students. Especially in Attingal, there was a dearth of quality schools. That is when the idea of B.R International Public School first came up.


The school started its mission almost seven years back. Now people behind the mission can proudly wear the recognition from CBSE, New Delhi as a proof of faultless effort and unbridled dedication they have put up. The mission of B.R International Public School- to provide international quality education in the state- will continue despite changing times and changing social scenarios.

Our Vision & Values

The school aims at full development of the child’s capabilities of the land, head and heart in order to ensure integral development of their personality, equal emphasis is laid on intellectual, emotional and physical development.


Self confidence, good habits and the right type of values, which form the corner stone of a successful happy life are inculcated in school. Education is imparted with a firm moral base so that students grow as men of character with a sense of duty, dedication and service to the society.


The curriculum and school calendar of activities are drawn up with the above objective in view. Learning continues at all times and at all places, so it is expected that parents play a positive role and lend their full co-operation to the school in ‘Imbibing the Best’ in students.