What Makes a Student an Ideal Student


What Makes a Student an Ideal Student

Education can be a really complex or a fairly simple process, depending upon how you perceive it. While the facilities available, quality of teachers, learning environment – all matter a lot, a large part of education also depends upon the student and his or her attitude towards learning. There is something called a ‘good student’, and being the best CBSE school in Kurukshetra, we want each of our students to be one. At B.R. International, we are counted one among the top best schools in Kurukshetra, and we work in close association with the students to make them nothing but the best.

Here are, what we think, are the qualities of a good student.


The first and foremost quality of a good student is his or her dedication towards the studies as well as the co-curricular and extracurricular activities. There is no alternative to the sheer dedication of a student. If you are dedicated, you will automatically put hard work and will never give up in times of distress. Dedication during the school years also stems into a great personality trait for the rest of the life.


Discipline is another very important quality that a good student can never do without. However, discipline must not be limited to a few activities, rather it should become a way of life for the students. Starting from proper behavior in the class, to how you walk through the corridors, and how you talk to your peers – everything accounts for discipline.

Time Management

School life is full of a lot of work and multiple opportunities, especially when you are the best school in Kurukshetra. A good student, in that case, is one who knows how to best manage the time, how not to waste it, and how to set the priorities. Giving your best to whatever you do, and that too in a time bound manner is the key here.

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