Tips to Become a Smart Leader While Still in School

Tips to Become a Smart Leader While Still in School

We are living in a rapidly evolving world. The world today is facing many challenges, and the need of the hour is smart leaders who can handle situations and lead teams.

At B. R. International Public School, which is a celebrated school amongst Haryana schools, we believe that the true leaders of tomorrow begin to take shape during their formative years itself. A student’s activities at school, the kind of environment and exposure that he or she gets played an important role in determining their role as a leader in the years to come, when they go on to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Following our commitment towards raising competitive individuals for tomorrow, We, at B.R. International, work relentlessly to ensure that each of our students is able embibe those leadership qualities and attributes, which will help them touch new heights in their professional life.

Competitions & Contests

The school strives to organise a variety of competitions for the students on a regular basis, which allow them to take up leadership roles. Most of our competitions is designed to be group oriented, where a students gets to actually lead a team. We also make sure that each student gets an equal opportunity to play the role of a leader, and discover his or her potential. All students are not able to grab the opportunity, so we motivate them in that direction.

Expert Lectures & Seminars

School periodically invites expert leaders from various walks of life like business, governance, and academics to deliver lectures and conduct workshops for our students. This exposes the students to the point of view and thought process of the leaders who have actually made it big, and learn from them.

Classroom Activities

B.R. International is amongst the top 10 schools of Kurukshetra. We have designed our curriculum to include a large number of activities in the classroom itself, which provide ample opportunities to the students to come out as leaders and showcase their skills as one. We hold group discussions, role plays, treasure hunts etc. on regular basis in the school.

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