Things B.R. International Does to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

Things B.R. International Does to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

One of the key responsibilities of a school is to ensure the safety and security of the students on campus. Students spend a greater part of their daily life in school and take part in different kinds of activities during this period. In fact, at B.R. International Public School, which is the best in the list of international schools in Haryana, we particularly focus on the outdoor and extracurricular activities of the students. Students attend lectures in classrooms, play in the playground, participate in competitions, visit places and have varied experiences on campus. Given such a happening that our students follow at the school, we pay special attention to ensure the safety and security of our students when at the campus.

Here is what B.R. International, being amongst the top best schools in Kurukshetra, does for the students’ safety:

All our classrooms have been laid out taking into consideration the basic safety and accessibility issues.

The electrical circuits, wiring, and fuses etc. are well maintained, and out of bounds for the students.

All the buildings have been dotted with fire safety equipment and fire extinguishers to help in case of an eventuality.

The furniture in classrooms is kept well in shape so that it doesn’t injure the students in any case.

We have anti-skid flooring and only the best utilities in washrooms to prevent any kind of incident causing injury to the students.

As far as outdoors are concerned, the entire school premises is well fenced and guarded to make sure controlled entry and exit.

Students are especially taught on playing ethics and as to how to behave while in the playground.

As far as the primary and pre-primary wing is concerned, all the toys and props for the students are regularly cleaned and sanitized to prevent any harm to the students.

Our teachers dedicatedly keep an eye and supervise all the activities of the students so that nothing undesirable happens on our campus.

We have a dedicated team of medical and physio experts to handle the situation in any case!

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