The Lifelong Bond of Learning and Development

The Lifelong Bond of Learning and Development

“A Good Teacher is like a Candle, who burns to light the way for its student”, is the most appropriate description of a bond between a teacher and student. At B.R. International Public School – best school in Kurukshetra, we believe that education in school is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in shaping the future of every child and the teachers bear this responsibility on their shoulders. The teacher-student connection is not just concentrated around the academics, but also on many more levels of learning.

It is obvious that children spend more time at home than in school, but the latter is accountable for what each child learns in the early years of their life. Each child is like soft clay and the teacher like the artist who molds something beautiful out of it, this is the philosophy of one of the Top Best Schools in Kurukshetra, and each day we make sure to teach our students with the same. The young minds in school are not just about acquiring the knowledge, but even the personalities of the teachers as well. It is very often that we see people talking good about their school teachers years after they have left, this is the consequence of studying in schools with teachers who make sure to leave such impact on their lives that they end up being their teachers for life. We believe that in this way teachers can be more than just what they are meant to be giving a bigger purpose and meaning to this profession, after all the maximum time a person spends in the same place is usually the school so we always try to make the best of this time and look at it as an opportunity to contribute to making better future generations.

A teacher has no personal materialistic benefit in doing something apart from giving the academic knowledge and neither is the student-guided to learn from outside the textbooks provided in school. Yet most of us will concur that these are implicit actions that do occur and thus paying more attention to these is sensible as well as important. This bond between a teacher and a student is underrated and more emphasis on this relation can change a child’s life in numerous ways.

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