The Indian Education System V/S Western Education System


The Indian Education System V/S Western Education System

Schooling plays one of the most important role in a student’s life. It provides students a platform for self development as well as helping in exploring various opportunities of learning new things. The mental level is framed in the early stages of student’s growth and the most crucial factor that composes their budding minds is the education system.

According to various studies conducted by WES, Indian Education focus majorly on the theoretical study and the focus is on marks and percentage of the students rather than focusing on the practical abilities of the student which decreases their morale. On the other hand, Western education has taken over all the aspects and widen the scope of the knowledge by the means of performing activities, encouraging group discussion and applying the idea practically which includes making projects and presenting in seminars. As the best school in Kurukshetra, we feel it is important for our students to get the insights of both practical as well as theoretical learning so as to make the learning more conducive.

Moreover, western countries have a more broader prospective and have a broader approach towards societal value. In a nutshell, there is no doubt that western education system has superior method of teaching, but it is also leading towards a brain-drain among the Indian student as they are more attracted towards going to foreign countries to pursue their studies despite the Indian education being more demanding.

Amongst Best Schools in Haryana, we want that our students should have a learning environment which has the mixture of both teaching methodologies i.e Indian and Western.

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