Teamwork or Working Individually


Teamwork or Working Individually

Before we dive in about what is better in teamwork and individually working, we will understand them better? Teamwork is a process of performing a task when the components of a task are divided among a team and they together brainstorm to accomplish it successfully. But working individually is when a certain person is wholeheartedly and single-mindedly involved in a task whereby the only person responsible to make all the decisions and produce the outcome also is himself/herself.

Teamwork and Establishment: When a certain number of people together think with each other that is the point when despite being different individuals they achieve a stage which seems as if their brains are wired together, teamwork flourishes thereon and its level keeps on increasing to the point where they no more seem working differently. At BR International,one of the top 10 school of kurukshetra we believe that Teamwork truly is a sense of oneness. In teamwork, it’s important to always voice out opinions, listen and understand others. The point where any person seems dominating or a person feels unheard, the true spirit of the team breaks. It’s difficult to achieve such level of oneness in a team but the results that come from it are marvelously creative.

Individually working style: To those who feel working individually is against team-work need to know how important work individually is for providing structure to ones working style so that he/she when made to perform in a team can guide their unique style accordingly. Only a person who can work alone has the zeal to perform along with others while being able to make themselves better. The right way is work best individually while preparing and help the team members to be better when in a team.

It’s just that working individually has its different grounds at times it is a right choice and at times some tasks can only be perfectly done in a team. No line of comparison should be drawn between them. At BR International, crowned as one of the top schools in haryana, Children are firstly made independent of being able to perform their tasks well on their own and then they are made to step into the creative world of infinite limits that exists only in teamwork.

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