Sports Achievements of Our Students | Top School in Haryana

Sports Achievements of Our Students | Top School in Haryana

B.R. International Public School, Kurukshetra, is a truly international school imparting education at par with global standards. We believe that education must not be limited to the age-old, traditional way of classroom teaching. With the evolving times, education must become more open, more practical, interactive and involving. Having embraced this philosophy, we, as a school, tend to involve and encourage more and more of our students in a diverse set of activities. One of the key activities that our students are involved in, is SPORTS.

Over the years, the students of B.R. International Public School one of the Top School in Haryana, have been participating and winning at various sports tournaments of regional, national as well as international levels. It’s not that we focus on a single sport, in fact, our students play a variety of sports, and have proved their mettle at each one of them.


Skating has been a stronghold of B.R. students, with a large number of our students competing in various competitions in various age groups. The students have even achieved gold and silver medals at the state as well as district levels. The school provides the required infrastructural and coaching facilities to the talented students in the field.


Taekwondo is a lesser known sport, but our students have achieved remarkable success in the field. It is actually a Korean martial art. B.R. International School offers professional training to the students for Taekwondo, resulting in participation and winning at various competitions. Students have secured medals at up to state levels in the field.


Shooting is another sport where B.R. International has excelled at. The school provides regular training and equipment to the students in the field of shooting and has also roped in some of the best professional coaches from the region. B.R. International students have won medals at the district level.

Apart from these, our students also participate in sports like Judo, Swimming, Cricket, and Badminton. As a school, we have taught our students to balance between academics and the extra-curricular activities like sports. Our encouragement and support for the students in whatever they do are one of the reasons why we have been regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in Kurukshetra.

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