Making The Academic Curriculum More Conducive


Making The Academic Curriculum More Conducive

BR International Public School, one of the best schools in Kurukshetra believes that education is a pretty broad concept that transcends the four walls of the classroom. The core aim is to foster development of children and become an all rounder. All rounder means development intellectual, physical, moral, sensible, social and develop leadership qualities and improves communication and decision-making. There is a need to balance between curriculum, syllabus, and also Co-curricular activities to fulfill these objectives.

Co-curricular activities take place outside the classroom. It gives children an opportunity to develop exhibit their non-academic abilities and explore new skills. Activities like music, dance, art, drama, debating, stitching, school sports team or student newsletter.  Students are introduced to a whole new horizon of activities that give them a better insight and broaden new horizons for them while experiencing such a practical learning.

These activities groom the student in ways that cannot be learned at home. These are the practical experiences gained by the students because they interest them. This also helps a student to discover new and special talents they have and boosts their self-esteem.

“Teach me, and I will forget. Show me, and I might remember. Involve me, and I will never forget.

It helps children to develop aesthetically like

Character building,

Moral values,

Physical growth,


This helps the children to think outside the box. They need a change from their books. This could be a great stress buster, which helps students relax. At such an age students grasping power is likely to develop and grasp new things. This would help them to relate to it easily and make school more fun and interesting. These activities also improvise on time management and keep them organized. One of the reasons why BR International Public School is in the list of top best schools in kurukshetra is because we want our children to excel in every way possible by exploring new possibilities and become a confident person at the end of the day.

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