International in True Terms – How B. R. Provides Exposure to the Students

International in True Terms – How B. R. Provides Exposure to the Students

B. R. International Public School – one of the best schools in Kurukshetra calls itself an ‘international’ school not just for the sake of it. We have adopted a global approach to running the school and deliver education of international standard in the trust of its sense.

B.R. International Public School is affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi up to class XII. The school has devised a very forward-looking curriculum for its students, at the same time implying some of the most modern teaching methodologies to teach that curriculum. However, apart from the regular classroom teaching, what makes the school standout and match the international standard is its focus on enhancing the exposure of the students.

Students at B.R. International are raised to be global citizens, with a wide worldview. In that direction, the school organizes regular exposure visits and educational trips to local and international destinations, helping them experience various different cultures and lifestyles. The students also participate in National & International Conferences, where they compete with some of the most talented students from across the world, realize their true standing and improve. Our students have won and brought laurels to the school at various platforms of repute.

The curriculum itself has been designed in such a way that it promotes free thought, and does not restrict the thoughts of students in any way. Teachers themselves encourage the students to put forward their ideas and present them with confidence.

Workshops and mentoring sessions are also organized regularly on campus so that the students can interact with the people who have made it big in various walks of life, learn from them, and have a great career for themselves. This again exposes our student’s to new and radical ideas, beliefs, and stories.

B. R. International is committed to providing the best possible exposure to the students to help them grow to their full potential and hence tops the list of International Schools in Haryana.

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