Fresh Ideas for The School Lunch Box

Fresh Ideas for The School Lunch Box

That small little box that a kid takes to school, is not just a lunch box. It’s a pack full of love, health, taste and a lot of amazing memories. It is one of the most prized possessions in a student’s backpack. When the lunchbox holds so much of value, it has to to be special every day. Isn’t it?

It’s important to break the monotony of the lunch box once in a while and experiment with the stuff within. As the best school in Kurukshetra, we give you 5 fresh ideas for the lunch box you take to school.

Chapatti Wraps

Kids don’t like veggies? Wrap them into a roll! The recipe is simple. Prepare your regular chapatti. Fry dry and crisp vegetables (It can comprise of capsicum, carrot, potatoes, onions or whatever!). Put the vegetables on the already prepared chapatti, top with sauce or some mayonnaise. Fold a little bit from the bottom, and roll it tightly from the side. Tasty and healthy wraps, ready to go!

Bread Pancakes

Bread Pancake is another absolutely nutritious recipe for the students. Just roll in as many veggies as you want in the batter, and cook crisp and spicy pancakes. Pancakes perfectly fit in the Tiffin, stay fresh for a longer period and with the presence of veggies, are really healthy.

Hung Curd Sandwiches

Mix finely chopped vegetables with freshly prepared curd. (Make sure that it’s not sour.). Add all the spices you desire it, mix well. Apply a layer of the curd puffed up with veggies on a bread slice. Cover it over with a plain slice, and grill it over in the oven. Tasty and healthy sandwiches are ready and awesome!

Stuffed Paranthas

This one is classic, and ever-green. Nothing matches the awesomeness of the traditional Punjabi Parathas. Paranthas are not only big-time hunger busters but also absolutely healthy. You can stuff in the Paranthas with anything healthy – vegetables, lentils or even cereals.

Boost up the lunch game with these amazing fresh ideas. We are amongst the best schools in Haryana and, genuinely wishes that all our students eat healthy food, stay healthy and excel in all walks of life!

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