Focus on Extracurricular Activities | Schools in Kurukshetra

Focus on Extracurricular Activities | Schools in Kurukshetra

B.R. International Public School is one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in Kurukshetra. There are several factors that put the B.R. International in that category, one being our sharp focus on extracurricular activities of the students.

At B.R. International, we are of the firm view that classroom teaching and learning is not enough in today’s educational scenario. The purpose of education no more remains just to impart knowledge, and raise individuals who go on to grab good jobs. We believe that as the best school in Kurukshetra, it is our responsibility to ensure the overall growth of our students, not just in terms of academics, but also in sports, in art, music and most importantly, in values.

We have devised multiple ways to ensure that, in the form of a variety of extracurricular activities at school.

Tours and Excursions

Outdoor visits are an integral part of the annual calendar of the school. Educational trips and field visits are organized for students of each class, providing them with the real-world exposure that is necessary for students in today’s times.


The school gives utmost importance to the development of sports and sporting culture amongst the students. It not only helps the students stay physically fit and active but also instills in them essential character traits like leadership, teamwork, discipline, and responsibility.

Art & Craft

At B.R. International Public School, being a top school in Haryana, thrive to nurture the creativity of our students. Art and Craft is the best possible way to being that trait out of the students. We organize art and craft activities, classes, workshops, and competitions regularly at school.

Competitions & Contests

Different kinds of competition ignite a competitive spirit amongst the students where they thrive to be the best. We organize competitions like debating, extempore, painting, poster making, writing, and paper reading for the multidimensional development of the students.

With so many extra-curricular activities happening throughout the year, one thing that is evident is that when at B.R. International Public School, your child will definitely grow as a well-rounded individual with a multi-talented character.

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