Facing the Result Day!

Facing the Result Day!

Exams are an important part of our education system. Much of a student’s school life revolves around preparing for exams, sitting for exams and then patiently waiting for the results. Even amongst exams, the board examinations of class 10th & class 12th hold a special significance.

And guess what? It’s that time of the year, when CBSE, the dominant educational board in the Indian education scenario declares the results for its board examinations. The result comes as a testimony of the hard work and dedication of thousands of young students across the country and opens up the doors for a brighter future for them. However, it is important to deal with the results in the right way. Many students can’t handle it well and often panic tremendously on the result day.

B.R. International Public School, which is a prominent name in the list of international schools in Kurukshetra, suggests you how to keep yourself calm before the result, and how to hold yourself up after the result is out!

Before Result

The build-up to the big “Result” day is a really difficult time to count. There’s a lot of stress, there are uncertainty and a lot of pressure. At B.R. International, being in the education domain for so long, understand all that goes in a student’s mind just before the result. Our only advice will be to understand the fact that only what’s already been done, will reflect the result. There’s no point panicking and dreading at this point, it is not going to change the result, after all. Sit back, relax and tell yourself that it’s going to be all good.

After Result

Immediately after the result, is a ride of extreme emotions. Whether you have outclassed yourself, or have just met the expectations, or the result has been below expectations, you have to accept it graciously. Neither boosting out of bounds to celebrate a good result, nor lamenting about a poor result is a good idea. You should understand, that at the end of all of it, it was just an exam – just one of those hundreds of opportunities that you will get in a lifetime, to prove yourself.

We, being a top school in Haryana, and being responsible for our students, request the parents as well to stand with their children strongly, regardless of what the result may be! We know, B.R. International School’s result, like each year, will be a starry affair!

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