Contributing Towards Girl’s Menstrual Health


Contributing Towards Girl’s Menstrual Health

We are in an era wherein it the right time to empty out the complexities on the basis of gender and work towards the growth and development of both the genders.

Education is all about transforming the minds of the society and making them more broadened and deep. When it comes to transforming the minds and  bringing a change in the society; the foremost thing is to eradicate certain taboos from the mindset of the society.

One such taboo is a girl’s menstrual cycle. We feel that this is one subject on which the majority is not comfortable talking about. As one of the best CBSE School in Kurukshetra; it becomes our one of the prime responsibilities to make our students sensitise about this and educate them that this is as normal as the normal functioning of our body.

When it comes to taking care of menstrual health of girls in our school;the foremost thing is the availability of sanitary napkins in the school premises. To postulate the same; we recently  had a health Care Session on personal hygiene and sanitation wherein  Dr. Deepa Puuri (S.H.D) enlightened the students about the importance of health, hygiene and sanitation. She also emphasized on  personal hygiene as well as sweat & body odour.

The good part of the session was she also took a separate session for adolescent girls and sensitized them about age related physical, mental and emotional issues along with menstrual hygiene.

It is very important to maintain the position of top CBSE School in Kurukshetra and to keep up the same we have introduced  a sanitary napkin vending machine in the school so as to maintain proper hygiene of our girl students.

It is very much important to initiate such noble steps because this not only will foster better hygienic conditions for our girl students but this will also educate the society as to not feel ashamed about such subjects and rather talk about it and promote girl menstrual health.

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