A Step Ahead !


A Step Ahead !

Good quality education acts as a base of a sustainable society.

Education forms the foundation  of every society in this world. But , quality education is something that matters the most. It is a a dream for many schools to provide value based education to their students .

InIf we talk about the statistical data, then  out of the 229 million students studying in classes from  I – XII, only the minority receive quality education with good teachers and teaching aids.

As per the  UNICEF specialist, 40-50 per cent of the children  aged between  15-18 years are plummeting out of schools. They become child-laborers refuting  themselves from  access to quality education and professional skills.

To curtail this scenario, Indian Government are taking initiatives and providing financial assistance to these schools through certain schemes which would enable schools to provide qualitative education to their students.

Like government, Indian Corporate Sector can be capable of contributing their part towards quality education. As per government mandate, corporates with a minimum of 5 crore revenue have to atleast shell  2% of its annual revenue to Corporate Social Responsibility for worthy cause.

There are many companies which nowadays have started contributing their part towards CSR and are actively providing financial aid to such schools.

Here is the list of companies who contribute in Corporate Social Responsibility and do their part towards quality education.

  1. Tata Group
  2. Wipro
  3. ITC
  4. Indian Oil Corporation
  5. Aditya Birla Group
  6. Maruti Suzuki
  7. Reliance Industries
  8. Canon India
  9. Tech Mahindra


As the best CBSE School in Kurukshetra, we feel that now it is right time to foster quality education and it is a good part on these brands that they are contributing their bit towards Corporate Social Responsibility in education and making all the students across the country access to a holistic and quality education.

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